PPT for Nurse Educators celebrations

January 9, 2018

Be here webinar WK

In 2017, I was asked by Wolters Kluwer Publishing Company to create a PPT and presentation to support health and wellness in Nursing Faculty. This presentation focused on Reflective Practice and the individuals ability to be present in the moment as a mechanism for improved learning and functioning. This PPT can be utilized by faculty, practitioners, parents and students to improve their own health and well-being while supporting their students, and their own children. This is an inter-professional presentation for healthcare providers and the patients they serve.

We have growth groups and support groups for specific topics listed in this website. We also provide these same exercises for use with our addicted patients, ( no matter the addiction), our trauma patients, families of both groups and particularly our pain patients needing relief and care to manage pain and avoid addictions. If these are issues you are working with either as the patient or family, please feel free to explore options. For now, use the PPT to support your growth and decision-making. This is not a substitute for professional therapy or medical treatment, it is an adjunct to therapy and medical care. You are free to download this PowerPoint, if you use it for any purpose please request permission from Discovery and give appropriate references and credit.


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