Community request for journal articles related to Mindfulness, Art and Psychotherapy

January 8, 2018

Dear All,

As most of you know I have spent the last nine years designing academic programs in nursing education from the BSN-DNP. This in addition to my active patient practice in integrative psychotherapy. Of course something had to fall by the wayside! Maintaining this website and blog has been what was let go. As a result there have been many requests for my thoughts and writing which I was not able to accommodate.

However, while I am on deadlines on a children’s communication book, I am now able to post some interesting bits of writing I have been doing. Some of these are really focused on clinical/academic issues and some are directed toward folks doing generalized reading.

In either case, please read and your comments are welcome. If you have ideas related to these articles I am happy to respond in this column.


Integrative Care

August 2, 2011

“Self-care techniques are a mandatory component for all people practicing holism. Recognizing the need for education and the importance of fostering self-responsibility is essential. Self-care is still the predominant mode of health care” (Chernin as cited in Kunz*).

Thirty years have elapsed since Kunz* began to teach patients to care for themselves holistically as part of primary prevention. In my 36 years of developing early intervention techniques and programs to affect individual and family, health, marriage, sexuality, and spiritual direction, I have come to an understanding of prevention and integrative health care that I believe to be unique. Most of what is called “integrative” in medicine, nursing, and counseling is added on to a primary field of interest. Even the concept of “holistic” examines alternative modes and incorporates them into traditional care. Read more

Managing Menopause

August 2, 2011

by Dr. Kathleen C. Quinn

As little as fifty years ago, this title would have been useless. Nobody needed menopause management!

The “why” is crucial for today’s women to understand.

As an example:

My grandmother died in her sleep the month before I was born, in 1945. She was forty-three years old! Now, I can look at photographs of her, and I actually have her medical history through stories that my mother told me. What I surmise is that she had some hormonal/insulin disorder (she had multiple miscarriages and her body appears to have had the characteristics of what we call polycystic ovarian syndrome today). Contemporary research has found the connection between these disorders in younger women and subsequent cardiac dysfunctions in midlife. In one study, virtually 100% of women developed cardiac disease within the 17 years of the study. Read more

The Mission, The Quest

January 1, 2006

If you cling to an idea as the inalterable truth, then when the truth does come in person and knock at your door, you will not be able to open the door and accept it.  -Udana Sutta

To continue our thoughts on mind influencing body, part of the serious work of Discovery has to do with impacting the mind/body connection bringing to it an aspect of spirituality. Now this spirituality has dimensions that may or may not be within the scope of what is commonly called spirituality. Often, we view spirituality and want to call it religion or denominationalism. While it is true that there are varieties of religious experience, not all religious denominations support various religious experiences on an individual basis. Read more

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