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January 8, 2018

Dear All,

As most of you know I have spent the last nine years designing academic programs in nursing education from the BSN-DNP. This in addition to my active patient practice in integrative psychotherapy. Of course something had to fall by the wayside! Maintaining this website and blog has been what was let go. As a result there have been many requests for my thoughts and writing which I was not able to accommodate.

However, while I am on deadlines on a children’s communication book, I am now able to post some interesting bits of writing I have been doing. Some of these are really focused on clinical/academic issues and some are directed toward folks doing generalized reading.

In either case, please read and your comments are welcome. If you have ideas related to these articles I am happy to respond in this column.


Volume: 2, Issue: 1

August 8, 2011

As Posted on Sun, Nov. 06, 2005 The MS Sun Herald

The cities we rebuild will reflect the people we are inside

We are going to rebuild The Pass. I keep having these images overlaying in my mind. The old village… the destruction I see… and shimmering over it a new place like a mirage or spirit place yet uncreated! A place of possibility where we can create a new village more in keeping with what earth should be, what loving caring people are when they come together. Read more

Volume: 1, Issue: 7

August 8, 2011

Life Choices

September’s Feature Article…

Most women look in the mirror every day and hate what they see.

What is even worse is that most of us also hate how our bodies feel, work, and move; our energy levels are often low and, no matter what we do, it seems that changing our body’s appearance (as well as the level of health of that body!) seems far beyond our power to influence.

I see and hear this in my office daily. Read more

Volume: 1, Issue: 6

August 8, 2011

Masks and Illusions

Ask Dr. Quinn…

Dear Dr. Quinn,

I am a 35 year old woman with three children. I have recently been diagnosed with poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). I am taking Lupron prescribed by my physician, and my menstrual cycle is regulating. But I feel tired and depressed all the time. I quit my job three months ago because I just did not think I could go to work every day, and my husband has just changed jobs. All of this has affected our relationship as well. Do you have any suggestions? Read more

Volume: 1, Issue: 5

August 8, 2011

Managing Stress

“Menopause Management”
As little as fifty years ago, this title would have been useless. Nobody needed menopause management!
The “why” is crucial for today’s women to understand.

As an example: My grandmother died in her sleep the month before I was born, in 1945. She was forty-three years old! Now, I can look at photographs of her, and I actually have her medical history through stories that my mother told me. What I surmise is that she had some hormonal/insulin disorder (she had multiple miscarriages and her body appears to have had the characteristics of what we call polycystic ovarian syndrome today). Contemporary research has found the connection between these disorders in younger women and subsequent cardiac dysfunctions in midlife. In one study, virtually 100% of women developed cardiac disease within the 17 years of the study. Read more

Volume: 1, Issue: 4

August 8, 2011


Organic Structure: The Underlying Nature of the Thing
By definition, in art the way “all of the parts fit together” creates the art of a thing. So this is with persons, and we seem to forget this all the time… By definition, in art the way “all of the parts fit together” creates the art of a thing. So this is with persons, and we seem to forget this all the time. The way all of our parts fit together is our organic structure. It is this underlying structure that those of us who heal body/mind seek to understand. Happily, it is what the person questing to heal the self also seeks.

In illness of the body, brokenness of spirit, and emotional pain, what is at odds is some part of the underlying structure. It is usually not the symptom we see (although the symptom is what usually presents and brings the patient in for treatment); rather, it is the deeper dysfunctioning of the structure or underpinnings of the patient physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually that precipitates what we call illness. Read more

Volume: 1, Issue: 3

August 8, 2011

Gynecology of the Mind

Managing Menopause
I had a call this week from a 35-year-old woman wanting to know at what age she should begin menopause management. My answer to her forms the substance of this article.

In psychotherapeutic terms, mid-life begins at approximately age 35 for women; this is probably the impetus for my caller’s “seeking.” Medically, a woman in her mid-thirties is in the period called “advanced maternal age” if she is trying to conceive and suffering from “premature ovarian failure” if she begins menopause at this age. This is the terminology; the way in which it fits with the fluidity of women’s health and the liquid shifts and changes of a body is an entirely different matter.

The answer to the question is complex and simple. Menopausal management begins in adolescence! Read more

Volume: 1, Issue: 2

August 8, 2011

Why Do You Really Want To Lose Weight?

This may be the fundamental question each of us has to answer regarding any decision to lose weight. But there is a more fundamental one to answer that we seldom think to ask. Why did I gain the weight in the first place?

If we are really looking for the answer to the original gain, then we have to understand how and why we became the way we are. I am forever teaching that “everything that we say, everything that we do, everything that we create is a self-portrait.” I mean absolutely everything! We use everything as a metaphor for self and then express our self through the metaphor. Read more

Volume: 1, Issue: 1

August 8, 2011


Conflict Between Mother and Daughter (Parent and Child)…
The pattern between the mother and daughter often affects fertility for both. A woman’s fertility is more than her reproductive system. When there are reproductive disorders, the conflict often becomes focused on the internal organs rather than on what may be antecedent to the disorder. More and more we find that there are issues which are multigenerational, affecting generation after generation within the family. The energy of the family becomes expressed in patterns of genetics, lifestyle, communication, and choices that are either expressed or so hidden that they become very subtle in their expression. Read more

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