Discovery has been a lifetime of work, devoted to those who have been abused, battered, and damaged by physical and sexual abuse. The brokenness of childhood blocks the capacity of adults to create or bring into being that which resides in their own spirits. When this happens, there is emotional dysfunction and often physical illness.

I often ask people to tell me where they experience stress in their bodies; by some “synchronous process,” they discover that they also have illness in the same location!!!! Imagine that!

This is the foundation for research and treatment in our centers. We are devoted to the promotion of psychoneuroimmunology–in all its aspects. Discovery incorporates treatment of the body/ mind using the very best that medical and psychological research have to offer. Our current work includes the principles of PNI to function in disease prevention, healing and the connection between body and mind in psychotherapy.

Whether in the process of dealing with physical disease or disease prevention or in working to promote psychological wellbeing, we teach a two-pronged approach to healing. The first is a process of ‘discovery’–of who we are, what our bodies are telling us, what we truly want; the second is a ‘creation’ which flows from that discovery–creation of tangible aspects of that purpose, of relationship, of magic and delight in living.

People come to us with wings broken, lives shattered, spirits bent. Through their process of self-discovery and renewal, they begin to see the magic, the mystery of all that is in and around us. They become whole; artists, healers, loving human beings able to fly. They learn that a part of the mystery, the magic, is in living in a universe founded on an interweaving of differences.

Discovery is a new vision, a new way of being, a return to the truths we knew very early in life and to those truths we never knew we possessed. It is an awareness for what health, wholeness, relationships, parenting, sexuality, spirituality and our place in the universe can be when we allow ourselves to be who we truly are. _____Dr. Kathleen C. Quinn

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