In 1969 Discovery began as a retreat series co-founded by Donald E. Wydra. This series became the foundation for Discovery School and ultimately for Discovery Psychotherapy Centers. From the very earliest work we identified links between the psychological status of pregnant single women and the healthy outcomes of their pregnancies. Our work paralleled the work of Eric Erickson in hypnotherapy, establishing the very earliest links to Body/Mind work we are doing today.

As we moved into education and natural treatment for psychotherapy we utilized vitamin therapy which has finally been demonstrated to be more beneficial than antidepressants and having none of the side effects. Years ago research established that medications and cognitive therapy had the same benefit within an 8 week period. During the entire course of Discovery’s work we have never used anything but natural care and the protocol we developed for successful treatment. We also incorporate the best of expressive art in the therapuetic process. Many of our patients journal, do art therapy, meditate, practice qigong as part of their spiritual and personal growth toward self understanding. It is a guiding principle of the centers that the very best of psychotherapy and integrative healthcare leads to spiritual growth.

We now know, based on current research by Iacaboni and Rizzolati in mirror neurons, that what we have taught has a scientific basis in fact. It is the interrelationship and deep connections established  in the therapuetic process, the understanding of power and metaphor, linked with integrative healthcare that brings persons to a healthy state in their lives.

Part of the process of the work, the two-pronged function of discovery/creation forms the intra-section of both views into a wholly functioning protocol for the care and treatment of all patients. This protocol applies for those who seek us out for medical issues and those dealing with psychological concerns. It is a fundamental tenet of Discovery that the way in which the individual manages power is normative to their health and disease.

Dr. Kathleen Quinn

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