Philosophy of the Centers

Mark Twain once said, “The physician who knows only medicine, knows not even medicine.”

It is the belief of Discovery Integrative Healthcare Centers that the process of discovery and creation is a fundamental tenet in the shaping of health caring and healthcare education. From this perspective all of the educational endeavors of this faculty are directed toward the activity of discovery and the creation of applications based on that discovery in a process of innovative research, teaching, healing.

We affirm our commitment to the creation of an educational environment supporting and nourishing the growth of the student into a caring, creative thinker and problem solver capable of contributing to the development of clinical practice, scholarship and leadership.

We affirm the value of all living beings and their interconnectedness through our common environment, recognizing our obligation to protect our common ecological environment and care for all beings as a fundamental imperative to the care of human beings health and wellness.

We affirm the uniqueness of all persons and recognize they are representative of their diverse cultural formation, beliefs and as such hold differing views of health and illness and return to wellness.

We affirm our commitment to the well-being of all entrusted to our care be they individuals, families, communities, patients or colleagues.

We affirm that growth both academic and in healthcare happens in an atmosphere of dialogue and intellectual openness and freedom.

We affirm our understanding that for all to flourish we must become inclusive, collaborative, compassionate and kind both to our patients and our colleagues.

We affirm the fundamental ground for these positions is an unwavering regard for civility and sensitivity to the right of speech and communication within the bounds of courtesy.

We affirm the fundamental right of individuals to live, work, study, without fear, harm, or abuse.

We affirm that healthcare is a matter of justice based upon our highest concern for the quality of life and our devotion to the highest principles of the profession of nursing.


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