Part of any prevention, healing, and wellness program requires exercise. However, the type of exercise depends on several things, including body weight, body structure, age and lifestyle. In terms of Western care, we strongly suggest walking and other exercises for about one-half hour daily.

Additionally, we teach and utilize the Eastern exercise system called Qigong in all of our Centers. Qigong, a series of exercises developed thousands of years ago, became the basis for martial arts, meditation, and a treatment protocol called medical qigong. In fact, the system is the mother of the exercises called T’ai Chi. In contrast to T’ai Chi, the process of Qigong is very flexible in application and much easier to learn and can be modified to use certain exercises for treating specific dysfunctions.

This form of exercise uses breathing, body positions, energy movement, and physical movement, all in standing and moving forms of meditation. There has been an increased amount of independent research, as well as research funded through NIH, demonstrating the effectiveness of Qigong exercises for managing pain and lowering blood pressure and for positively impacting cardiac function, cancer and immune system disorders, as well as depression, emotional balancing and hormonal functioning.

We teach classes with all of our groups, and have CD’s for purchase for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced students.

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